At Last The Truth About Dating Plus Sized Women!

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So, you are looking for the truth about dating plus size women? Well here it is – dating a lady with generous curves is just like dating any lady.

There are some people you find yourself attracted to more than others, there are some people who share your interests and other people with whom you have no connection. To say all plus size women are the same is like saying all women are the same. It’s just not true.

What is true is that these ladies are all different. Some exude confidence and are proud of their beautiful, bountiful figures, wanting to show them off and be the life of the party. Others are more conservative and prefer to act that way and dress that way.

Regardless, these big beautiful women face a few misconceptions in the dating world that should be ignored:

1. They overeat constantly or do not exercise. All people are not created exactly the same. It cannot be assumed that ladies without “thigh gap” spend their days eating chips, cupcakes and ice cream.

Many women work out and still are curvy. Genetics have been known to play a role in where weight is carried. Some of them overeat and some don’t. Some exercise and some don’t.

2. Women with curves are insecure. This goes back to the concept that women are not the same. There is just as much of a chance of the 100 pound woman living on celery and skinny lattes being insecure as the 250 pound women who is still finding who she is.

3. Voluptuous gals are lonely and struggle to find dates. According to who? This sounds like the sad makings of a chick-flick gone wrong. There are men out there that prefer larger women, and not just larger men. Some men like a lady who is better proportioned in certain areas and other men like a woman based on who she is, not the number on the tag in her pants or the number on the scale.

4. Plus size ladies are desperate to lose weight. Some are motivated to get off the pounds they consider extra. This can be for vanity or health reasons, but others are very comfortable in the size they are.

Many views about dating all women come from perceived society collective thoughts. Reality is, there are beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes. What sets them apart is their wit, their humor, their intellect, their hopes and dreams, their drive and most of all their ability to be an exceptional partner in a relationship. BMI does not indicated the important traits of a person.

What are plus size women ladies looking for? The same thing you are – someone to connect with, mutual attraction, respect. The thought of finding someone who makes you light up when they call, or smile when you see them.

By now you should be thinking – at last the truth about dating plus sized women! We cleared up some misconceptions, and ironed out that you can’t group all big beautiful women together in any regard.